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Performer and Physical Talents have the opportunity to present themselves here with all important information, pictures and showreels. The profile is automatically made available in three languages, an extension is already being planned.

Stunt riggers, stunt technicians and winch operators can present themselves with all their skills, qualifications and certifications.

Stunt coordinators, casters and choreographers can use the detailed search to find the right performer, talent, rigger or technician in Europe in no time at all.


We also offer professional support for castings according to individual requirements. Contact:


Stunt Performer and
Physical Talents

Become part of an international network and present yourself on StuntCloudFACES with all important information about yourself, your professional experience, impressive pictures and your


Stunt Rigger*innen, Technician, Winch Operator

Present yourself on StuntCloudFACES with all your skills, qualifications and certifications and become part of the exclusive member portal for Europe.


Stunt Coordinator, Caster and Choreographer

With StuntCloudFACES you can easily and effectively find the right double, the perfect performers and the best rigging experts from all over Europe. Create watch lists for your project and contact your favourites directly after registering.

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